Survive the END OF THE WORLD

(It’s Monday)

I worked in a soul-sucking office pushing papers for several years (think Joe Versus the Volcano)

Joe and his lamp

Sometimes, a day just turns out bad.

Sometimes, there’s nothing a person can do to stop breakfast from burning, being late for work, dealing with horrible clients, fighting with a friend, getting in a fender bender, finding your dog ate a new pair of $50 shoes.

Invariably this will all happen on a Monday.

Mondays are awful, awful days.

On days like those, my most effective remedy is to search for an apocalyptic gem. One of those life-or-death, fate-of-human-existence hangs-in-the-balance, kind of novels, movies, survival tips… It puts my life in perspective.

I decide my day wasn’t too bad after all. And it could have been much worse: I do not have thousands of flesh-eating zombies surrounding my house; I am not the last woman on earth; I do not have a brain cloud.

This all serves to remind me that I have a pretty good life. A damn good life.

Posts will range from favorite apocalyptic novels, top ten lists (worst ten lists are fun too), how to survive anything (real or imaginary), hilarious don’t-be-stupid-like-this incidents, places to run away to if you are diagnosed with a brain cloud, and more.

I already scour novels, non-fiction books, the internet, movies, and magazines for this kind of stuff–might as well enjoy it all together.

If I can help you better survive the end of the world, err … weekend … I’ve done my job.


About Jamie Thornton

I am a voracious reader in many genres. I do sometimes judge a book by its cover art. Life is too short to spend time reading or reviewing bad books. My own published novels are full of adventure, danger, and complicated characters. I call Northern California home. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Anthropology and belong to the Wordforge writing group. I live, rather happily, with my husband, dog, a garden, a viola and a bicycle. Check out my short stories and novels at

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