A novel — completed, unpublished.

The look in Lydia’s eyes was like that of a little Dik-dik—her antelope pupils wide and frozen, searching for danger, her breathing a rhythmic whistle of fright. At that moment, Paul’s heart softened towards her as it did towards any animal in fear of its life.

Not that it ever kept him from pulling the trigger.

Eighteen year old Lydia should not have traveled to Tanzania.

No matter how much she wanted to escape her religious family’s dull suburban life and become a world traveling photojournalist, she should have known Paul’s offer was too good to be true.

Paul doesn’t just want her to take pictures of him and his clients hunting, he wants pictures of an illegal rhino hunt, and he wants her to flirt–and maybe more than flirt–with the clients. But she can’t. She won’t.

When Paul unhooks the only phone in the hunting resort, he makes sure Lydia watches him do it. He takes her and a client out into the wilderness where Paul’s game warden son won’t find them. If she runs, she loses all her pictures and must face down charging hippos alone.

If she stays, Paul gets away with all of it.


About Jamie Thornton

I am a voracious reader in many genres. I do sometimes judge a book by its cover art. Life is too short to spend time reading or reviewing bad books. My own published novels are full of adventure, danger, and complicated characters. I call Northern California home. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Anthropology and belong to the Wordforge writing group. I live, rather happily, with my husband, dog, a garden, a viola and a bicycle. Check out my short stories and novels at jamiethornton.com

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